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Mexican Restaurant in Danbury

Mexican Restaurant in New Fairfield

          Arturos Cantina   203-746-8777

Order take out, pay online, come pick up your order, most orders take about 20 minutes, if you get here early have a cold one in our full service bar, with a TV.  Use Order Now, for delivery fees apply

Below are several take out platters for 4 people            Mexican Restaurant in Danbury

Arturos Cantina

Take-Out Platters for 4 Only $33

Family Platter   Football Appetizers

* 3 Tacos                  * Finger Tacos

* 3 Enchiladas         * Chicken Fingers

* 3 Burritos              * Quesadillas 

* Rice and Beans     * Nachos

* 16oz Slasa             * Mini Changas

* 1lbs Chips             * 16oz Salsa                  

                                  *  1lbs Chips